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If you're searching to pack the house everytime
your band plays a gig, you can't afford to miss this...

Publisher of the #1 Music Magazine in Detroit Reveals Inside Tips and Secret Strategies How Your Band Will Pack the House Every Time You Play Out. Nothing is Held Back...

Hey fellow musicans,

My name is Darian Counts and the sad truth of the matter is if you can’t get your fans to show up at the gigs you are playing, you won’t be able to find a bar, venue or even a backyard party that will hire your band.

These are cold, hard truths of playing out that many bands simply don’t want to admit. If you want bar owners and venue managers to hire your band you must be able to deliver a house full of screaming fans. Fans that will be dancing on the floor, singing along with your music and spending money on food, drinks and buying your merchandise.

You see, many bar owners and venue managers are really hurting. They are wrestling with the double barrel hit of the growing ban on smoking in public places and the high unemployment rate. This has put a number of well know venues on the ropes financially.

If you want to make sure your band gets paying gigs every time you play out then you need to know about “Band Marketing Tips”and the proven gig-getting secrets contained in this one-of-a-kind band promotion guide.

I’m not joking, believe it or not, my 20 years of playing thousands of gigs on the Detroit circuit and publishing the #1 music magazine in metro Detroit, I have personally tested every single strategy in this book.

I have created a system so powerful it has astonished bar owners, venue managers and even booking agents on the number of screaming fans my band, Sykofish can bring to a gig. 

Never again will you not get a gig because you can’t fill the house,

So why listen to what I have to say…

You see, I have been in forefront of the Detroit music scene for over 20 years. As a lead singer, bass player, band manager and now publisher of the #1 music magazine in Detroit entitled Detroit Live Magazine I’ve played out thousands of times and seen countless bands perform.

I have played at some of the most desired venues in the area and with some of the best musicians. I have learned the tricks of the trade firsthand and I have also sat down and picked the brains of some of the best bands in Metro Detroit. I've uncovered the secrets they use day-in and day-out to attach a huge following every time they play out.

What I uncovered during these "off the record" meetings with will shock you.

I have recorded all of my intense gig-getting experience and "off the record" insights from fellow bands that have a huge following and I share them with you. I have included battle tested, gig getting strategies that have been proven on the streets of Metro Detroit. This information is pure and it has been tested and proven to get high paying gigs at great venues.

Once you grab this, you’ll be playing out at some of the best venues and getting paid for every gig you play. The venue managers and bar owners will be begging you to play whenever they have an open night because they know you can pack the house with devoted fans. Isn’t that what you want?

"I only let the bands that can get the people in the door play at my place. If a band can't put butts in the seats and people buying food and drinks, they can't play at my place. With the way the economy is, I can't afford to have a sh??ty band play my stage. If you want to play any worthwhile venue, get this book now!"

Rocky - The Trading Place

No more worrying about only being able to play in your basement, you’ll be fully armed and ready for landing paying gigs at great venues every weekend.

It doesn’t matter how great your performance is or how good your music sounds, if you can’t get people to show up at your show, you won’t get hired. Period!

Many bands are nowhere near having the following they need to guarantee bar owners and venue managers a full house. A crowd so huge that it will burst the walls of the place and owner will be begging to book you again even before your last set ends.

Your play calendar will be so jammed packed with paying gigs, you’ll feel like the “Rock Star” you know you are. It’s that what you want?

I will show you how to get paying gigs whenever you want. Gigs you know you have always wanted at venues you only dreamt of playing. I’ll hand you everything you need for you to get want you to start living the “Rock Star” lifestyle.

Here are only of few things you’ll learn that will spark desire in your fans to follow you to every show.

#1: How to Build a Devoted Fan Base: You’ll learn highly guarded secrets how to build a huge following of devoted fans that will evangelize on your behalf to friends, family and coworkers. Fans that will follow your band’s every move and attend every show.

#2: How to Promote Your Band Online: Everyone knows you have to promote your band online to succeed, but if you don't know what you are doing you are simply wasting your time. You'll discover proven methods that harasses online band marketing strategies that will set the Internet on fire with buzz about your band.

#3: How to Guarantee a High Fan Turnout for Every Gig You Play: No matter where you play, if you have an open venue, these little know band promotion strategies will pack the house. Unless you follow these battle-tested methods you’ll be doomed to low-level fan turnout and be forced to accept low or no-paying gigs.

#4: How to Explode your Video Views on YouTube and other Video Sites: Worry no more about embarrassing double digit view counters on your videos. You’ll soon have thousands of views for each and every video your band uploads online.

#5: How to Make Money from your Music 24 Hours per Day: On page 52 of Band Marketing Tips, you’ll learn how the top bands create and sell music, ring tones, merchandise,  videos and more.

#6: How to Master Social Media sites like MySpace, Twitter, StumbleUpon and More: You’ll learn over 200 powerful gems of knowledge to master social media sites. I’ve included everything you need in an easy-to-follow checklist so you won’t miss anything.

#7: How to Find and Book High Paying Gigs: This little secret will get you gigs only other bands dream about. Once you learn this secret, you’ll have inside information how to get booked at the most sought after venues. Only a small number of bands even know this powerful resource exists.

So why play for 10 people, most of whom are family members, when you can have a packed house at the venue of your choosing…

But don’t take my word for it, here is what others have said about this book…

"This book is priceless. We did just one of the tips and we had our best gig ever"

Chandra L., Midnight Pleasure


"If you miss out on this book, you'll have no one else to blame but yourself. Nobody is doing what is in this book. We thought we had a following, but we were wrong. This book showed us what we needed to do.

Gary D., Visual Time Keeper, The Sandie Brown Band

"Band Marketing Tips" teaches you everything you need to know to join of ranks of highly sought after bands today!

Yes, “Band Marketing Tips” is jam-packed full of information that you simply can afford to be without. It’s the only information available of its kind from someone who’s been there and done that!

And there’s more…let me tell you about the Free Bonus you get…

Bonus #1: MySpace Marketing: MySpace is like the Holy Grail of band marketing and promotion, but only if you know how to do it.

For a limited time, I’ve include a free 36+ page bonus book packed full of proven strategies to master MySpace Marketing in no time. This is a $14.95 value and I am throwing it in for free!

I’ve made it easy for you…I’ve done all of the work for you and I am even offering you a special gift if you order today. Remember, this special bonus entitled MySpace Marketing is only going to be around for a limited amount of time, so grab it while you can.

Another Truth You’ll be Glad to Hear!

Successful bands are greatly admired.

Did you know people tell their friends about the bands they have seen? After you use the information in my book to promote your band, the word about your band will be spreading like wildfire. Your shows will soon be jammed packed with eager, screaming fans and your schedule will be packed full of paying gigs. Now isn't that what you want?

Once you start using the techniques and skills I teach you, your phone will be ringing off the hook, your email box will be bursting with booking offers.

Bar owners and venue managers you’ve never met will be contacting you, all seeking to book your band. Because they know you can deliver not only a great show, but you can pack the house. But don’t worry I have an entire section devoted to how to manage all of your bookings, so you’ll always be ready to go when the moment is right.

My Promise to You...

Listen. If for any reason you are unhappy with your order-if you don’t feel that I’ve delivered on my promise-if you don’t become a high demand band with an ever growing and furiously loyal fan base, I’ll buy it back anytime up to a full year. There’s absolutely no risk to you. So order today this one-of-a-kind information for only $19.95 right now. Remember, you getting both downloadable books for only $19.95

Start Packing the House with Screaming Fans
your very next Gig.

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If you don’t use the powerful promotion techniques in “Band Marketing Tips” to pack every venue you play with screaming fans, bar owners will find another band who will…don't miss out on getting paid and playing out at in-demand venues.

Here is everything you'll get when you order now

Online Band Promotion Band Marketing Tips Red Plus MySpace Band Marketing

Best of all, after you start using all of the band promotion and marketing information in this book, you’ll be amazed at how many people will show up at your gigs and how satisfied you’ll feel knowing this is what you were meant to do.

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You'll be able to download everything within a few seconds after your order. Even if its 2:00 AM in the morning, you'll be able to get started right now.


Darin Counts

P.S. Don’t forget, you'll also receive free 36+ page MySpace Marketing bonus with your order…grab your copy today and get ready to pack the house.

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